Small Business Internet & E-Commerce Solutions


Business needs change over time.  10 years ago, very few businesses had a website.  Today, there are more than 1 Trillion website in existence.  Consumers now have a variety of ways that they can purchase goods and services.  When you are ready to take your business online – we are here to help.  Cutter Concepts will help find the right e-commerce solution for your small business.

Small Business Internet Marketing Consulting

Internet marketing is a vital part of doing business today.  But, how do you know which methods to use?  PPC, Google, and Facebook are just some of the options to choose from, but there are also many forms of free advertising that can be very useful.  Call us to discuss what your best options for internet marketing are.

Online Reputation Management

Did you know that your business has a reputation online, whether or not you want it to?  This is a hard lesson that many businesses are now learning.  People are rating you and telling other people whether they would recommend your products and services.  Don’t wait until someone puts up a website devoted to crushing your reputation – be proactive and manage your own online reputation.  From Facebook to Linked In, we will show you the ropes, and teach you how to blog!  We can help you make sure that you turn bad reviews into good ones in the future.

We have experience in helping other businesses expand through online avenues – and we can help you to.  Call or email Cutter Concepts today to discuss your future success.